Click here for Sam Cannon Art Greetings Cards

Greetings Cards

These come with a white envelope and cellophane wrapping (I’m gradually changing them all to biodegradable cello) and cost £2 each.

Each card is blank inside and has a unique code to use when ordering.

I update my card range ALL the time. Three asterix like this *** indicates that a card will be removed from the range when current stock runs out.

If you’ve got any questions about buying cards you’ll probably find the answer on the first page of the PDF below. Just click on the link

And if you are a retail outlet or ordering lots of cards, this Excel spreadsheet might make ordering easier. I’ll update it each time I add or take away cards from the PDF.

Order Sheet for Sam Cannon Art Greetings Cards

You don’t have to use this to order. You are welcome to type me a list in an email or even attach a picture of a list you’ve made on a scrap of paper. As long as I can read it, that’s all no problem.

*** Please note – I am not currently shipping to the USA or Canada – I will update this website as soon as that changes ***